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The live music that fits your wedding ceremony

Marriage in the church

The music with which Kalinka Ensemble accompanies wedding masses is a mixed classical / gypsy repertoire in a very original formula: during the mass, violin music by Vivaldi combined with popular music, such as "La vie en rose" immediately after the "yes".

After communion, the musicians discreetly go to the back of the church and line up there to suddenly play, as the final song, cheerful smooth gypsy music so that everyone leaves the church in a joyful mood.

Marriage in the town hall

A marriage in the town hall usually proceeds as follows :

  • Some happy welcome music while the guests and the couple enter the room.

  • During the ceremony the ensemble provides a musical intermezzo.

  • The cheerful gypsy music at the end makes everybody feel ready to party.

The marrying couple choose their favourite songs.

The number of musicians and which instruments are played are related to their choice.

Marriage party with live music

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