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Kalinka Ensemble violin accordion guitar double bass

Kalinka is a versatile group that performs live at private parties, company events, or during your wedding ceremony.

The musicians play the violin, accordion, guitar - cimbalom, double-bass - bass balalaika. They fit in very well when it comes to wedding parties, receptions, musical settings of all kinds, a birthday party, brunch or dinner. Their repertoire includes evergreens, operetta melodies, light classical music, Viennese music, Jewish melodies (klezmer), as well as the "hot club" music created by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grapelli. At concerts they prefer to play music from Eastern Europe : Russia (Slavic music), Hungary (csardas, magyar nota), Romania (sirba, doina), the Balkans, often inviting a gypsy singer and guest musicians.


Kalinka has originated as a gypsy orchestra to accompany parties. You can still find plenty of similar orchestras in Budapest, but they are becoming increasingly rare in Belgium and Holland.

Musical preferences can differ quite a bit and gipsy musicians always take this into account, because their music has to please the guests in the first place, and often makes them sing along or dance.

Kalinka builds on the age-old European tradition of restaurants with live Russian and Hungarian gypsy music. In Paris, Cabaret Sheherazade was at the top - in Brussels, “Au Grand Mayeur” (Place du Grand Sablon) has been a not-to-be-missed place for decades, just like restaurant Piroska in Antwerp.

In addition, mobile gipsy bands were created, including Laci Lacatos, Violino Cigány, Baro Chavo, and of course Kalinka Ensemble, who on the one hand cherish tradition, yet regularly add contemporary music to their repertoire, so popular sing-alongs are certainly not taboo.

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